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Wedding Gowns Dresses

Wedding Gowns Dresses

Wedding Gowns Dresses
How to make-to-measure
the perfect wedding dress

To match your budget we design with you in mind and our expert team will advise and guide you to a perfect match with the gown of your dreams on your wedding day

Looking around for the perfect bridal
dream gown can be a huge hassle.
At Circe we take the Hard work out
of creating the perfect Look.

We've been making-to-measure,
Matching brides to budgets,
frocks to figures and
gowns to goddesses for ten years.

Step 1: plans, dreams, and prices

Make an appointment with the designer at Circe
Well talk about your dreams and plans Make
and take suggestions, gathering all the threads
of your design ideas to make the dream comes alive. And with your help put together
the perfect dress to suit your budget.

We'll give you a Firm cost
estimation and payment options

Make an appointment
with the designer.

This is the first plan!

Step 2: the fun begins

After discussion with the designer, we make a colour sketch of your Gown. This will give us a Guide to proceed to the toil stage.
This is where all Your effort
pays off.

We then
measure you for a perfect fit

The calico toil is the secret to the perfect design, the perfect fit and it gives you the chance to see all the dreams come true.

Step 3: the toil

The calico toil is a mock up of your creation. Small adjustments to the dress design are easily made at this stage without any cost impediment. We can now talk about any other design details like accessories, undergarments, hair and make up.


Step 4: the fittings

We make up the dress in the fabric of your choice, and with the most complex Dresses this can take up to 4 fittings. This helps ensure you get exactly what you want and the dress is the perfect fit.