Not a size 10?
Don't cover yourself in a mountainous wave of unflattering fabric. Here's how to dress kilos thinner….

  • Stirrup trousers- they add length to the legs making them appear longer and slimmer.
  • Pants with a yoke or V-shaped panel in the front. They help flatten a pot tummy and slim the hips.
  • Medium to narrow width with straight or slightly tapered legs.
  • Length to the top of the in-step. Cropped pants shorten the leg making it appear fuller.
  • Soft, fluid fabrics.

For extra derriere
disguise, add a long
V-neck cardigan that
stops below the bottom.

  • Palazzo or wide-legged pants; they accentuate fullness.
  • Patterned trousers or light colours - they add unnecessary kilos below the waist.
  • Pants with cuffs which tend to draw the eye downwards.
  • Stiff or bulky fabrics. Confidence Tip.

For the slimmer silhouette, opt for suits with matching skirts and fabric in one colour.

Nothing too tight and nothing too big, or you'll be lost in the clothes.

  • Single breasted jackets with a single row of buttons straight down the front.
  • A structured shoulder line with narrow pads that sit up rather than out, adding height not width.
  • A classic suit with simple lines - no frills, flares, bows or large decorative pockets.
  • A longer tailored jacket that covers the hips and thighs.
  • A slim lined skirt darker than or matched to your jacket. Best length: just to the knee.
  • Medium weight fabrics.

  • Short jackets or boleros that stop between the bust and the hips.
  • Flimsy, body-clinging fabrics.
  • A tight fit - it will show off curves in all the wrong places.
  • Big bold patterns or shiny fabrics.

  • A tailored dress with buttons in a straight line all the way down the middle or to one side.
  • A wrap dress.
  • A tapered coat dress.
  • Solid colours or tiny patterns in dark shades.
  • Angled slash pockets at hips.
  • A dress with a matching or darker toned belt at the waist.
  • Soft fabrics that hold their shapes.
  • Lightly structured shoulders and long sleeves.

Create a longer slimmer
line in a dark plain coloured dress with a scarf or
simple piece of jewelry
at the neck.

  • Dresses with short sleeves
  • A baggy shapeless or tent dress.
  • Large patch pockets above or below the waist.
  • Light- or pastel-coloured dresses.
  • Dresses in fabrics that cling such as knits or jersey.

Dark sheer stockings and
shoes toned to your skirt
add centimeters to your
height for a
slimmer silhouette.
  • A Bias cut skirt that falls below the knee to the top of the calf.
  • Or try a tailored narrow skirt to the top of the knee teamed with a tailored jacket that covers the hips
    ( see your most flattering suit)
  • Dark colours or subtle patterns.
  • A skirt with a single box pleat in front to slim the stomach.
  • A skirt with a yoke. This helps flatten a pot tummy.

  • Shiny, bulky, clingy or stiff fabrics.
  • Heavily gathered skirts that give weight to the hips.
  • Sarong skirts.
  • Light colours or bold patterns.
  • Skirts that are too tight.
  • Horizontal stripes or patterns.
  • A-line skirts.

  • Dark colours in soft fabrics such silk, rayon, chiffon, or crepe.
  • A wrap dress in soft silk.
  • A man's tuxedo jacket worn with a slim line skirt to the in-step, softly tapered pants or a knee length narrow skirt.
  • A long sleeved, softly structured blouse that holds its shape in organza, georgette or taffeta worn with a long slim-line dark coloured skirt in soft fluid fabric.
  • Long sleeves.

You look your best in
simple pieces made with luxurious fabrics,
such as a silk sheath
teamed with a satin jacket.

  • Strapless or sleeveless tops or dresses. Too much flesh on display accentuates a larger figure.
  • Batwing sleeves - they widen your upper torso every time you move.
  • Princess or A - line dresses.
  • Cowl necklines. They add fullness to a larger bust.
  • Big sleeves - a narrower sleeve in more slimming.